Planning and development of workspaces.

DYCO stands for dynamic contract solutions in South Tyrol.

All-in-one: We coordinate masons, electricians, floor installers, plumbers, and more, creating 3D - blueprints, renderings, and individual concepts. Sit back and make decisions comfortably in advance: We take care of the entire organisation until the key handover of your new office. Our expert advice, including needs analysis, concept development, and budget planning, is an essential part of the process!

The office environment should effectively utilise the potential of all employees and specialists. When the balance between professional demands and personal needs is right, productivity increases!

When the balance between professional demands and personal needs is right.

Communication: The First Step to Success.

Consultation and Management for your Dyco Office Project.

As a client or office user, you have specific visions, and with our expert knowledge and guidance, these take tangible form. Share your needs and requirements with us – and we will start the project immediately. Each piece of information you provide influences our planning and ultimately contributes positively to the satisfaction of your employees.

With our blueprints and 3D renderings, you can already gain a detailed preview of your future office!

High-quality products, top-notch execution of work:

The partners are ready.

Construction site project management.

Together with our partners, we have ensured that the right products and suitable materials are available for the turnkey project. Implementation can commence – but not without involving you! Through regular on-site meetings, you, as the client, will always be informed about the current status. This way, you can continually observe our seamless planning and professional installation."

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