Modern Practice, trustworthy atmosphere:

DYCO adds a wow-factor to your practice.

Whether in the treatment room, at the reception, in the waiting area, or consultation room: your patients (and your staff) deserve a comfortable atmosphere. Dyco provides customised medical practice facilities that optimize internal processes while also creating an inviting and homely feel."

Cold, pragmatically arranged spaces, and uncomfortable waiting areas are a thing of the past

Professional partners for medical equipment and furniture

Hygienic surfaces

Harmonious colours

Acoustic solutions

We bring to life versatile, ergonomically-oriented spatial concepts for all work and healthcare environments.

It's important that the patient immediately senses trust, closeness, and comfort. We achieve this by incorporating simple methods and clever accessories to establish a relaxed ambiance.

A professionally installed glass partition system allows for the division and acoustic optimization of work and healthcare spaces – a crucial element in preserving patient privacy. The incorporation of the latest technological elements, along with air exchange and disinfection, also positively impact the premises.

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